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Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Also, for importing the external modules we just need to know two things about them: their bundle file path and their module name. SOLID software design principles ] which states that Software entities classes, modules, functions, etc should be open for extensions and closed for modification, that means that a plugin is considered a piece of software that extends the functionality of the main application. Using this approach the core application is assembled by multiple pieces that can extend and enhance it even after it has been compiled and released.

Goal: Develop an Angular application that loads external independent modules on the fly whenever they are requested and allowing the application to be extended after the code has been compile and released without any modifications to the core application code.

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Make sure you have those two libraries installed globally, if not, on your NodeJS console run:. Inside this folder, generate the core application using the following command:. Navigate to core-application project directory and install SystemJS library. We will use this package to import the external modules into our core application. Add systemjs bundle script under the scripts section in your angular.

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Now we have an organized folder structure and we are ready to setup our plugin app. Run npm install inside the folder. Make sure you create a tsconfig.

Note: You can provide multiple objects to a custom provider and load their declared components separately. We offer free developer-to-developer support during evaluation. It can also run in headless or server environments, like Node.

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GoJS does not depend on any libraries or frameworks, and can work alongside Angular, React, within Electron, or with no framework at all. Build custom modeling environments and domain-specific visual languages using the powerful features of GoJS.

Provide both a system editor and a read-only status monitor using shared code and templates. Simultaneously show alternative visualizations of the same data in different diagrams. Implement drill-down using expansion of subtrees and subgraphs or a detailed view in another diagram. Our thorough documentation introduces the basic concepts and demonstrates typical features that most apps want to offer.

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Nodes and links can be arbitrarily detailed according to the needs of the application. There are many properties that permit simple permissions and customizations, and some methods may be overridden for more complicated customizations. Explore Run over sample apps that demonstrate flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, UML diagrams, BPMN diagrams, graph editors, data visualization, custom tools and layouts, and much more. Run Interactive Samples. Get a copy of the library and all of the samples, extensions, and documentation.

Search the JavaScript code and modify the samples to start your app.