Manual Blues Guitar Basics

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But you can take a look at the diagram below to get an idea of what Pentatonic Minor looks like on the fingerboard.

Nail the essential blues rhythms

In this case, F Minor Penatatonic. The root notes are in red F. Remember that a Pentatonic scale is only five notes, not eight, so the actual scale is one red dot and the four black ones that follow. The scale begins again with the next red dot.

12 Bar Blues

This is only one of five patterns you should learn to use around the fingerboard, but it is a great place to start learning blues guitar for beginners. There is another side to Pentatonic Minor, a one-note addition that makes a world of difference. It is played the same as Pentatonic Minor, with the addition of a flattened 5 th tone.

What is important is to know the patterns and what key they are in. Again, many blues players learned by ear, and eventually developed an instinct for theory rather than a book-learned perspective. Remember when we talk about a flattened 5th tone we are referencing the major scale, not Pentatonic Minor. Here is the same F minor Pentatonic scale as above with the addition of the "blue" note. In blue, of course. Is the thrill gone when you start thinking about music theory and all these scales? Guitarists who get a little itchy whenever they try to understand theory should check out the book Fretboard Logic by Bill Edwards.

Edwards explains in refreshing and easy to understand terms how to find any chord or scales anywhere on the guitar neck. Think of this as a shortcut for finding your way around the guitar. Of all the lessons I've read over thirty years of playing, this book helped me put things in perspective more than anything else. Memorize the bar blues in different keys, learn the different scale patterns, and know the notes of the fretboard. Eventually, you should be able to hear a chord progression and solo over it without much thought.

Learning to improvise is an enormous part of being a good blues guitarist. In the old days, blues musicians learned from jamming with other musicians, trading tips and watching others perform.


If you want to be a good blues guitarist, you have to do it the same way. Fortunately, today we have many resources to help connect with other musicians and learn the ropes. Jamming with other musicians is probably the best way to hone your chops. Get together with anyone you can tolerate and play.

Playing along with recordings is another great way to improve. Not so long ago, the thing to do was record yourself playing a chord progression, then play it back and work on your solos. Today, there all kinds of tools out there that can provide backing music and help improve your playing. To be a good blues guitarist you have play, practice, listen, and start back over again. Leon Redbone said the blues aint nothing but a good man feeling bad. If you spend the time learning the basics of blues guitar your playing will improve, even if you are not a blues guitarist.

Lead guitar players in country, rock and metal are hugely influenced by blues, and if you specialize in one of these genres the time you spend on the blues will be well worth it. No matter your style as a guitar player, you always have to keep learning. This even applies to the irreverent blues man! And, if you play other styles, working on your blues playing can help you get better too.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. You're welcome, Guitar Gopher. It's an uphill struggle, but worth it. Because the incremental improvements seem so few and far between, I can see why so many give up at this stage. I'm loving it though, particularly that I'm re-engaging with great music, but from a more analytical perspective.

Very encouraging, Ddog! Thanks for adding your comment! I can't imagine my life without guitar, and I agree that nothing can beat that feeling you get from playing music. I am 46 and only started learning guitar a few months ago. I'm not sure how old you are, but just go for it! It's frustrating at the start and will probably continue to be frustrating for some time, but when you start hitting the right notes, nothing can beat that high for me anyway It's so worth it! Get yourself a guitar and just take it one step at a time Good luck :.

Thanks loveofnight. You're never too old to learn something new, and guitar is very rewarding. If you want to learn you should do it! You won't regret it.

What You’ll Learn about the 12 Bar Blues

This is an instrument that I have often wanted to learn how to play. I was going to say that I am too old now but you make it look and sound so easy. A well developed hub indeed, thanks for the info.

Play Blues On Guitar In Any Key (with this riff)

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Blues Guitar for Beginners: Basic Scales and Theory

Basics of the Blues Guitar for Beginners Blues music is a derivation of jazz, and usually based around a bard chord progression. The bar Blues This chord progression is the backbone of most blues music.

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The Minor Pentatonic Scale There are many important scales to learn as a guitarist, but none more important than Pentatonic Minor. Even better. The Blue Note There is another side to Pentatonic Minor, a one-note addition that makes a world of difference. The Right Kind of Practice In the old days, blues musicians learned from jamming with other musicians, trading tips and watching others perform.

The Next Step To be a good blues guitarist you have play, practice, listen, and start back over again. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again.

10 Easy Blues Songs on Guitar | Beginner Songs & Chords | Fender

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