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Reagents in Organic Synthesis

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Chm 436 - Applications of Organometallic Chemistry to Synthesis I

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Greene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis

Yes No. Thank You for submitting your response. Comprehensive Organic Transformations by Richard C. Larock ISBN: An encyclopedic and systematic collection of useful synthetic methodology, including tens of thousands of reactions and synthetic transformations.

The first edition has been reviewed in the professional journals as "clearly It provides a Heterocyclic Chemistry by John A. The fifth edition of Heterocyclic Chemistry teaches the fundamentals of heterocyclic reactivity and synthesis in a way that is understandable to second- and third-year undergraduate chemistry students.

The inclusion of more advanced and current material also makes the book a valuable reference text for postgraduate taught courses, postgraduate researchers, and chemists at all levels working with heterocyclic compounds in industry. Fully updated and expanded to reflect important 21st century advances, the fifth edition of this classic text includes the following innovations: Extensive use of colour to highlight changes in structure and bonding during reactions Entirely new chapters on organometallic heterocyclic chemistry, heterocyclic natural products, especially in biochemical processes, and heterocycles in medicine New sections focusing on heterocyclic fluorine compounds, isotopically labeled heterocycles, and solid-phase chemistry, microwave heating and flow reactors in the heterocyclic context Essential teaching material in the early chapters is followed by short chapters throughout the text which capture the essence of heterocyclic reactivity in concise ways suitable as introductions or summaries, for example for examination preparation.

Detailed, systematic discussions cover the reactivity and synthesis of all the important heterocyclic systems.

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Greene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis, 5th Edition

Original references and references to reviews are given throughout the text, vital for postgraduate teaching and for research scientists. Problems, divided into straightforward revision exercises, and more challenging questions with solutions available online , help the reader to understand and apply the principles of heterocyclic reactivity and synthesis. Anslyn; Dennis A. Dougherty ISBN: This modern textbook makes explicit the many connections between physical organic chemistry and critical fields such as organometallic chemistrry, materials chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, and biochemistry.

In the latter part of the 20th century, the field of physical organic chemistry went through dramatic changes, with an increased emphasis on noncovalent interactions and their roles in molecular recognition, supramolecular chemistry, and biology; the development of new materials with novel structural features; and the use of computational methods. Contemporary chemists must be just as familiar with these newer fields as with the more established classical topics.

Modern Physical Organic Chemistry is intended to bridge that gap. In addition to covering thoroughly the core areas of physical organic chemistry - structure and mechanism - the book will escort the practitioner of organic chemistry into a field that has been thoroughly updated. Natural Products. Review articles about the chemistry and biology of natural products. Reviews in natural products research and related areas. Identifies uses and properties of reagents used in organic synthesis. Search or browse reagents.

Medicinal Chemistry

Browse alphabetical list of reagents or search by keyword, reagent name, structure, substructure, reaction, reagent name, reaction name, catalyst, solvent, yield, temperature, author, reference or year. Updated frequently. Reagent literature, with information in alphabetical order by common name. Purification of Laboratory Chemicals 8th Ed by W.

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Armarego ISBN: Purification of Laboratory Chemicals, Eighth Edition, tabulates methods taken from literature for purifying thousands of individual commercially available chemicals. To help in applying this information, the more common processes currently used for purification in chemical laboratories and new methods are discussed. Chemistry Handbooks Hans Reich-Organic Chemistry Info Quick handbook style web reference to organic chemistry - reactions, data, NMR spectroscopy, organometallics, nomenclature, compound data, and a few techniques.

Data for chemistry, physics, and engineering. Print books are also available for browsing. Lange's Handbook of Chemistry by James G. Dean ISBN: Find chemical properties and structures with related references. Search by structure, name, molecular formula, CAS Registry number, property value or any combination. Retrieve basic property information, description of hazard, derivatives properties, and references to synthetic methods and spectra. Covers properties of inorganic, organic, organometallic, pharmacological agents, analytical reagents or natural products.

This is the online version of "Dictionary of organic compounds", "Dictionary of natural products", "Dictionary of inorganic compounds", "Dictionary of organometallic compounds", "Dictionary of pharmacological agents", and "Dictionary of analytical reagents". For more information see the introduction on the database website. Supplementary Chemistry Resources. Science encyclopedia articles, definitions, biographies, study guides and graphics.

Periodic Tables. Interactive Web Periodic Tables:. Dynamic Periodic Table Incredibly useful periodic table with links to Wikipedia, videos, photos, properties, orbital filling diagrams. Print your own PDF version, too. WebElements Periodic Table with rich information about numerous properties and related compounds.