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Create constancy of purpose toward improved products and services. Cease dependence on mass inspection. Constantly improve systems. Institute on-the-job training. Institute leadership. Drive out fear—encourage effective two-way communication.

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Break down barriers between departments. Eliminate slogans and targets calling for zero defects and implement leadership. Permit pride of workmanship by workers. Permit pride of workmanship by management.

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Encourage education and self-improvement. Put everyone in the company to work to accomplish transformation. Build awareness of the need and opportunity for improvement. Set goals for improvement. Organize to reach the goals. Provide training throughout the organization. Carry out projects to solve problems. Report progress.

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Give recognition. Communicate results. Keep score. Maintain momentum by making annual improvement part of the regular systems and processes of the company. Training 2. Improving 3. Measuring achievement 4.

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  • Implementing project management 5. Creating organizational structures 22 Balanced Scorecard 25 Balanced Scorecard 26 Make the strategy explicit. Choose the measures. The performance measures must be aligned with the strategy and the relationships between the measures must be clearly understood.

    Define and refine. Performance measures must be put into place so that the scorecard becomes the language of the company. Deal with people.

    Auditing the internal audit

    Above all, people and change management must be properly managed. James Harrington 29 Developing a Quality Framework 32 Internally Assessing Quality 33 Internally Assessing Quality 34 They understand that an independent person or agency might identify issues that were overlooked, or processes that are undertaken more efficiently in other organizations. Internal Audit Strategy and Planning Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.

    Internal Audit Charter 43 They help guide the internal auditor to operate in a consistent and professional manner. It should draw on established policies and procedures to maximize the potential that fieldwork is undertaken in a professional manner. By their nature, they often have limited staff and budget, requiring the chief audit executive, or broader organization, to give real consideration to the resourcing model that will be used. One nonperforming staff member in a team of three can have a major negative impact on morale and productivity, unlike in large, internal audit functions where nonperformers can remain relatively inconspicuous.

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    Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Readers will find practical solutions for monitoring and measuring internal audit performance drawn from The IIA's International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, and complemented by advice and case studies from leading audit practitioners from five different continents.

    Major corporate and financial collapses over the past decade have challenged the value of internal audit. With an increased focus on internal audit's role in good governance, management is increasingly demanding that internal audit provides assurance of the quality of its own activities. The IIA standards provide a framework for audit quality in the form of mandatory guidance. Recent research indicates that the majority of internal audit functions do not fully comply with the standards and, as a result, are not servicing the needs of their organizations as well as they might.

    Internal Audit Quality offers a roadmap to internal audit quality, providing readers the guidance they need to: Embed quality into all elements of internal audit from strategic and operational planning down to day-to-day tasks Create well-defined internal audit programs and procedures Independently self-assess internal audit quality and performance Conform with the IIA standards and better practice Provide assurance over internal audit efficiency and effectiveness Deliver value by meeting stakeholder expectations As a key component of good governance, internal audit is on the rise.

    The days of retrospective, compliance-focused auditing is a thing of the past.

    Internal Audit Quality Assessment Tool - Total Quality Management