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Download Press Pack. Read More. The track is available now Read More. The instruments are changed, but the Master-hand is the same, and lays one tool aside and takes another out of the tool-chest as He will. Moses is dead,-what then? Does his death paralyse the march of the tribes?

, Joshua 1;, Commissioned

Joshua steps into the empty place, receives the same great promise, is assured of the same Presence, and is to obey the same law. The change of leaders is great, but nothing else is changed; and even it is not so great as faint hearts in their sorrow are apt to think, for the real Leader lives, and Moses and Joshua alike are but the transmitters of His orders and His aids to Israel. To cross a stream in the face of the enemy is a ticklish operation, even for modern armies; what must it have been, then, for Joshua and his horde?

Not a hint is given him as to the means by which the crossing is to be made possible. We too have sometimes to face undertakings which we cannot see how to carry through; but if we do see that the path is one appointed by God, and will boldly tread it, we may be quite sure that, when we come to what at present seems like a mountain wall across it, we shall find that the glen opens as we advance, and that there is a way,-narrow, perhaps, and dangerous, but practicable. We may trust God not to command impossibilities, nor to lead us into a cul de sac.

But these wide boundaries were not attained till late in the history, and were not long retained.

Joshua’s Appointments in Deuteronomy

Did the promise, then, fail? We, too, fail to possess all the land destined for us. Our charter is much wider than our actual wealth. God gives more than we take, and we are content to occupy but a corner of the broad land which He has given us. In like manner Joshua did not realise to the full the following promise of uniform victory, but was defeated at Ai and elsewhere. The reason was the same,-the faithlessness of the people.

Understanding the Bible: The History Books

Unbelief and sin turn a Samson into a weakling, and make Israel flee before the ranks of the Philistines. The cowards are all dead,-will their sons believe the assurance now?

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If we do believe that God is with us, we shall be ready to cross Jordan in flood, and to meet the enemies that are waiting on the other bank. If we do not, we shall not dare greatly, nor succeed in what we attempt. That assurance-which we may all have if we cling to Jesus, in whom God comes to be with every believing soul-is the only basis on which the command to Joshua, thrice repeated, can wisely or securely be rested.

He ought to be afraid, unless-unless what?

The Moses Joshua Succession From Joshua 1 1 18

Benson Commentary Joshua After the death of Moses — Either immediately after it, or when the days of mourning for Moses were expired. The Lord spake — Either in a dream or vision, or by Urim, Numbers He who was called to honour, had been long used to business. Our Lord Jesus took upon him the form of a servant. Joshua was trained up under command. Those are fittest to rule, who have learned to obey. The removal of useful men should quicken survivors to be the more diligent in doing good.

Arise, go over Jordan. At this place and at this time the banks were overflowed. Joshua had no bridge or boats, and yet he must believe that God, having ordered the people over, would open a way. Barnes' Notes on the Bible Now So Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, etc. The connection here is the closer, since the Book of Deuteronomy concludes, and the book of Joshua opens, by referring to the death of Moses. Moses, the servant of the Lord - On the epithet, see the marginal reference "b.

Moses, representing the law, is dead; Joshua, or, as that name is written in Greek, Jesus, is now bidden by God to do what Moses could not - lead the people into the promised land. Joshua was "Moses' minister," just as Christ was "made under the Law;" but it was Joshua, not Moses, who worked out the accomplishment of the blessings which the Law promised.

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On the name Joshua, see Exodus note, and Numbers Saying - No doubt directly, by an immediate revelation, but not as God spake to Moses, "mouth to mouth" Numbers Though upon Joshua's appointment to be Moses' successor Numbers ff , it had been directed that "counsel should be asked" for him through the medium of Eleazar "after the judgment of Urim," yet this was evidently a resource provided to meet cases of doubt and difficulty.

Here there was no such case; but the appointed leader, knowing well the purpose of God, needed to be stirred up to instant execution of it; and the people too might require the encouragement of a renewed divine command to set out at once upon the great enterprise before them compare Joshua Now after the death of Moses—Joshua, having been already appointed and designated leader of Israel Nu , in all probability assumed the reins of government immediately "after the death of Moses.

Joshua 1 - God Commissions Joshua

This first communication gave a pledge that the divine instructions which, according to the provisions of the theocracy, had been imparted to Moses, would be continued to the new leader, though God might not perhaps speak to him "mouth to mouth" Nu Joshua—The original name, Oshea, Nu , which had been, according to Eastern usage, changed like those of Abram and Sarai Ge into Jehoshua or Joshua that is, "God's salvation" was significant of the services he was to render, and typified those of a greater Saviour Heb Moses' minister—that is, his official attendant, who, from being constantly employed in important services and early initiated into the principles of the government, would be well trained for undertaking the leadership of Israel.

Its borders, Jos God promises to assist him, Jos ,6 ; commanding him to observe the law, Jos He prepares the people to pass over Jordan, Jos , Reminds the Reubenites, Gadites, and half tribe of Manasseh of their promise to Moses, Jos ; which they are ready to do, and all promise to obey, Jos After the death of Moses; either immediately after it, or when the days of mourning for Moses were expired.

Joshua was appointed and declared Moses's successor in the government before this time, and therefore doubtless entered upon the government instantly after his death; and here he receives confirmation from God therein. The servant of the Lord: this title is given to Moses here and Jos , as also Deu , and is oft repeated, not without cause; partly, to reflect honour upon him; partly, to give authority to his laws and writings, in publishing whereof he only acted as God's servant, in his name and stead: and partly, that the Israelites might not think of Moses above what was meet, remembering that he was not the Lord himself, but only the Lord's servant; and therefore not to be worshipped, nor yet to be too pertinaciously followed in all his institutions, when the Lord himself should come and abolish part of the Mosaical dispensation; it being but reasonable that he who was only a servant in God's house, should give place to him who was the Son, and Heir, and Lord of it, as Christ was.

See Heb ,5,6. The Lord spake; either in a dream or vision, or by Urim, Num Moses's minister, i. Or "and after" h ; the book begins as if something went before, it is connected with; and indeed it seems to be the last chapter of the book of Deuteronomy, which treats of the death of Moses; and Joshua being the penman of Deuteronomy , as say the Talmudists i , and of this book, as has been seen, having wrote them, he goes on with the history of his own affairs in strict connection with that account, beginning where that ended; namely, at the death of Moses, whose character here given is the servant of the Lord; and a faithful one he was in all things belonging to it, and in whatsoever was enjoined him by the Lord, see Deuteronomy , and it came to pass that the Lord spake unto Joshua the son of Nun, Moses's minister; either in a dream, or vision, or by an articulate voice out of the sanctuary: of Joshua's descent and relation, see Exodus ; and of his office under Moses, not as a menial servant, but a minister of state, see Exodus , saying; as follows.

Bava Bathra, fol. So that Joshua might be confirmed in his calling, and the people also might have no opportunity to grudge, as though he were not approved by God: he is adorned with most excellent gifts and graces from God, both to govern the people with counsel, and to defend them with strength, that he lacks nothing which either belongs to a valiant captain, or a faithful minister.

So he overcomes all difficulties, and brings them into the land of Canaan: which according to God's ordinance he divides among the people and appoints their borders: he established laws and ordinances, and put them in remembrance of God's revealed benefits, assuring them of his grace and favour if they obey God, and of his plagues and vengeance if they disobey him. This history represents Jesus Christ the true Joshua, who leads us into eternal happiness, signified to us by this land of Canaan. From the beginning of Genesis to the end of this book is years.

For from Adam to the flood are , from the flood to the departure of Abraham out of Chaldea , and from then to the death of Joseph So that Genesis contains , Exodus , the other three books of Moses 40, Joshua So the whole makes years. Joshua The Command of God to Joshua 1. Now ] Rather, And. The usual connective particle. It implies that something has gone before, of which it is the continuation.

Here, as often afterwards, the Book of Joshua presupposes that of Deuteronomy. Through thirty days of stillness, the camp had been full of weeping and mourning for the great Lawgiver.