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These developments are leading to easier convergence of related technologies, massive storage data, compact storage devices, and higher-performance computing. Nanotechnology for Telecommunications presents vital technical scientific information to help readers grasp issues and challenges associated with nanoscale telecommunication system development and commercialization—and then avail themselves of the many opportunities to be gleaned.

This book provides technical information and research ideas regarding the use of nanotechnology in telecommunications and information processing, reflecting the continuing trend toward the use of optoelectronics.

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Nanotech will eventually lead to a technology cluster that offers a complete range of functionalities for systems used in domains including information, energy, construction, environmental, and biomedical. Describing current and future developments that hold promise for significant innovations in telecommunications, this book is organized to provide a progressive understanding of topics including: Background information on nanoscience and nanotechnology Specific applications of nanotechnology in telecommunications Nanostructured optoelectronic materials MEMS, NEMS, and their applications in communication systems Quantum dot Cellular Automata QCA and its applications in telecommunication systems How nonohmic nonlinear behavior affects both digital and analog signal processing Concepts regarding quantum switching and its applications in quantum networks The scale of the physical systems that use nanoscale electronic devices is still large, and that presents serious challenges to the establishment of interconnections between nanoscale devices and the outside world.

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