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My code wont work and my friends wont either. Also are they stackable?

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They are probably codes that only works when you're creating a new world of tanks account. These off an old issue of PC gamer?

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As haven't noticed any codes in last few months issues. If it is the new issue march then they are not bonus codes but UGC game cards and are a payment rather than a bonus code. The instructions to use are on the page with the code and do work as I have used mine. My problem is that it states in the mag you can use the code as part of a larger payment, but when I tried to use it for a gold purchase, it just said that there wasn't enough money on the card, instead of giving me an option to pay for the remainder in some other way.

Am I missing something here?


Grand Theft Auto V. Guild Wars 2. Half-Life 2: Episode Three. Hitman: Absolution. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

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Mass Effect 3. Max Payne 3.

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MechWarrior Online. Metro: Last Light. Microsoft Flight. Prey 2.

Prototype 2. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Thief 4. Tomb Raider.

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  8. Tribes: Ascend. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. The Total War games have long been some of the best strategy games on the market, each iteration introducing new ingredients and refinements to a recipe that manages to satisfy hardcore grognards without alienating budding strategists. Total War: Warhammer shattered those real world shackles and unleashed dragons and demons on the huge, seething battlefields of Total War, and the sequel shows how much the team at Creative Assembly learned making the first game.

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    It brings the tabletop game to glorious, spectacular life, complete with explosive fireballs, fantastical creatures, and the hideous armies of blackest Chaos, and with the Mortal Empires expansion allows players to conquer the entire, sprawling Warhammer world. Play it now: Steam. First, it's incredibly accessible thanks to the fact that Blizzard streamlined many of the elements that prevented casual players from picking up MMOs in the past.

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    There's no overly harsh death penalty, and leveling is best done not simply by grinding, but by completing quests that have interesting stories and adventuring from one massive, detailed hub to the next. And with each new expansion, WoW continually gets better.

    With a world far larger than that of most MMOs, tons of memorable raid dungeons, great PvP arenas, Pokemon-esque pet battles, and more, there's not much else we could ask be added to an already phenomenal game. Sure, the combat is traditional by MMO standards, but there's a reason the World of Warcraft is still going strong 14 years on: it's the best around. Play it now: Blizzard. From its diverse cast three playable characters who are, in large part, unlikeable and unsympathetic, at least on the surface to its extremely ambitious and seemingly endless multiplayer online component, GTA 5 brought so many fresh elements to a series that could have ruled the world by changing very little.

    The PC version arrived much later than the initial console releases, bringing with it significantly upgraded visuals and a first-person mode, for anyone who wants to see Los Santos from a different perspective.