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Armstrong, K. Seddon eds. Avian reintroduction biology: current issues for science and management. Seafaring behaviour in House Crows Corvus splendens — a precursor to ship-assisted dispersal? ChekeSeafaring crows. Additional 18th century records of endemic Seychelles fauna. ChekeC Seychelles fauna. ChekeInvasives on Diego Garcia. Dead as a dodo: the fortuitous rise to fame of an extinction icon.

Establishing extinction dates — the curious case of the Dodo and the Red Hen. Ibis Seabirds on Agalega Indian Ocean — survival of boobies and frigate-birds into the s, with comments on other species.

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Emmanuel College Magazine White Dodos — unravelling a scientific and historical myth. Archives of Natural History Cheke, Anthony S. Summer birds in Arkhangai province, Mongolia, July-August Mongolian Journal of Biological Sciences 1 2 : Treasure Island. The rise and decline of a small tropical museum, the Mauritius Institute. Collar, C. Why museums matter.

Catalog Record: Studies of Mascarene Island birds | HathiTrust Digital Library

Avian archives in an age of extinctions. ChekeTreasureIsland [NB scanned image file — large]. Showler, Dave A. Checklist of the birds of Rodrigues. Booby Sula colonies in the Mascarene area Indian Ocean : extinctions, myths and colour morphs. Is the bird a Dodo?

Studies of Mascarene Island Birds

The wildlife of a mid-seventeenth century drawing of Dutch Mauritius. ChekeIs the bird a dodo [NB scanned image file — large]. The dodo and the tambalacoque tree: an obligate mutualism reconsidered. Oikos Scottish Naturalist [for] The legacy of the dodo — conservation in Mauritius. Oryx ChekeLegacy of dodo-Oryx [NB scanned image file — large]. Studies of Mascarene Island birds.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Diamond, Anthony W. An ecological history of the Mascarene Islands, with particular reference to extinctions and introductions of land vertebrates. The ecology of the smaller land-birds of Mauritius. Observations on the surviving endemic birds of Rodrigues. Measurements and weights of the surviving endemic birds of the Mascarenes and their eggs.

A dictionary of birds. Calton, Staffordshire, UK: T. Conservation in Mauritius — the forest ecosystem. A proposal for a long-term study of the ecological dynamics of the native forest.

Lost Land of the Dodo

Unpublished report to World Wildlife Fund. Lizards of the Seychelles. Biogeography and ecology of the Seychelles Islands. The Hague: W. Junk Monographiae Biologicae vol. Did the dodo do it? Animal Kingdom 87 1 : Biological history of Agalega, with special reference to birds and other land vertebrates. Atoll Research Bulletin. Archives of. Natural History 11 2 : Status and ecology of the Mauritius Fody Foudia rubra , an endangered species.

National Geographical Society Research Reports ,. Senckenbergiana Biologica Phelsuma GRAY in the Seychelles and neighbouring islands: a re-appraisal of their taxonomy and description of two new forms Reptilia: Sauria: Gekkonidae. Cheke, Anthony [S. Herptile 6: The status of bats on western Indian Ocean islands, with special reference to Pteropus. Mammalia Urgency and inertia in the conservation of endangered island species, illustrated by Rodrigues. Proceedings of the 4th.

Pan-African Ornithological Congress : The Rodrigues Fody Foudia flavicans. A brief history of its decline, and a report on the expedition. Dodo The threat to the endemic birds of Rodrigues Indian Ocean from the possible introduction of Ship Rats Rattus rattus from vessels coming alongside the proposed new wharf at Port Mathurin.

Island Biology 2019 - plenary session : "Introduction to natural history of the Mascarene islands"

Oxford: [author]. Dormancy and dispersal of seeds of secondary forest species under the canopy of a primary tropical rain forest in northern Thailand. A summary of A. Oxford: [author], photocopied, 13pp. Volume 33 , Issue 3 September Pages Related Information.

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  • Catalog Record: Studies of Mascarene Island birds | HathiTrust Digital Library.
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    The Ecological History of Mauritius, Réunion, and Rodrigues

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