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O'Brien, International Journal of Communication.

Her other case studies break new ground in making visible the atomized work worlds of decentralized media industries. This ethnographic and interview-based analysis of groups including television assembly-line workers and soft-core television producers marks a new departure for scholarship into precarious working lives in the global media. Bk Cover Image Full. Sign In.

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Search Cart. Search for:. Book Pages: Illustrations: 5 photographs, 1 figure Published: May Vicki Mayer considers the work of television set assemblers, soft-core cameramen, reality-program casters, and public-access and cable commissioners in relation to the globalized economy of the television industry. As Mayer demonstrates, the new television economy casts a wide net to exploit those excluded from these hierarchies.

Meanwhile, television set assemblers in Brazil devise creative solutions to the problems of material production. Soft-core videographers, who sell televised content, develop their own modes of professionalism. Elizabeth Gerber.

Elizabeth Warren, TV Producer talks about best pitches at EPPS workshop (MAYO Communications™)

Elizabeth Gerber, an associate professor of mechanical engineering in the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, holds a joint appointment with the School of Communication, serving as an assistant professor of technology and social behavior in the communication studies department. Gerber's research interests include design, innovation management, and organizational behavior. She teaches undergraduate and graduate classes on product and service design, which emphasize the design thinking methodology—a human-centered, problem-solving approach focused on gaining inspiration from human needs, working in diverse groups to generate ideas, and prototyping ideas for rapid feedback.

Gerber also advises students in the award-winning design initiative she founded called Design for America, where students take on extracurricular design work to make social and local impact. Darren Gergle. In particular, he is interested in furthering our theoretical understanding of the impact technological mediation has on communication, and applying this to the design, development, and evaluation of novel collaboration technologies. Wendy Griswold.

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Her research and teaching interests include: cultural sociology; sociological approaches to literature, art and religion; regionalism, urban representations, and the culture of place; the Federal Writers' Project; and comparative studies of reading practices. Brent Hecht. Formerly an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Minnesota, Hecht explores the intersection of human—computer interaction, geography, and big data.

Hecht has been a keynote and featured speaker at a number of events worldwide and has won awards for his research at top-tier publication venues in human-computer interaction and geography. Her current research spans the areas of collective intelligence, crowdfunding, and the creative industries.

Her interdisciplinary approach seeks to understand the behavior of connected crowds by building on techniques from network science, machine learning, statistics, and exploratory visualization.

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She earned a Ph. Bruce Lambert. Lambert received his B.

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He is currently the principal investigator on a five year center grant, funded by the U. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, to study techniques for optimizing medication safety. He serves on the editorial board of the journal Health Communication. For his work on predicting and preventing drug name confusion errors, Dr. Food and Drug Administration. He has served as a Special Government Employee for the U.

FDA and a member of the U. Barbara O'Keefe. Barbara J. She earned her A. O'Keefe's work is highly interdisciplinary. Prior to coming to Northwestern, she served as Director of the University of Michigan Media Union, a center for interdisciplinary study and application of emerging digital media. She has edited two books and authored over 60 technical publications, including contributed chapters in books, articles, or reviews in archive journals, and chapters in refereed conference proceedings.

About this Program

Much of this work is focused on developing and applying systems for content analysis of communication in studies of life-span communication development. She has also had a long-term interest in the application of interactive computing to support cooperative work and learning. She was a co-PI on Project CITY, a project funded by the NSF for 3 years to study human-centered design of collaboration technology to support sustainable management of civil infrastructure in a public works department. She has been involved in several additional studies of the use of interactive computing to support scientific and engineering teams.

She has also studied and developed computer-based tools to support instruction and learning in communication and engineering education. Her work at the University of Michigan Media Union involved 1 development of an enterprise-wide learning technology infrastructure to allow faculty to use the web more effectively in their teaching; 2 management of the advanced technology facilities of the Media Union, including high-performance computing and networking, visualization and virtual reality technologies, and digital media production and post-production facilities; and 3 nurturing cross-disciplinary teams involved in applications of leading-edge technologies across the disciplines.

She is currently part of a multi-institutional team, funded by the National Science Foundation, that is working to organize the available knowledge about interactive media for children and collaborating with industry partners to improve children's access to high-quality media. Daniel O'Keefe. Daniel O'Keefe is the Owen L.


Coon Professor in the Department of Communication Studies. His research focuses on organizing and synthesizing the substantial body of work derived from persuasion studies—the effects of messages on persuasion and the distinctive problems associated with the development of dependable generalizations about persuasive message effects.

His work seeks to derive and integrate findings from the large number of extant persuasion effects studies, especially through quantitative methods for research synthesis meta-analysis. The listing you're looking for has ended. Very Good. View original item. Sell one like this. We found something similar. About this product. Stock photo. New other : lowest price The lowest-priced item in unused and unworn condition with absolutely no signs of wear.

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