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But Cougar, the powerful private intelligence company that overshadows even the CIA in its reach, learns of Russia's plans and strikes at the heart of its plot with its own lethal weapon--the gorgeous ex-KGB colonel Anna Resnikov. More than a gifted spy and expert Killer, Anna lost the love of her life and the father of her child at the hands of her former countrymen. Her defection to Cougar has made her the most wanted woman in Russia, but she'll risk any danger to herself for the chance to destroy the evil that rules her homeland.

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And on the ground in Ukraine, she meets a formidable foe, a mysterious KGB spy whose aim are suspiciously unclear but whose power is unmistakably deadly. ISBN: Characteristics: pages ; 24 cm. Alternative Title: Blind spy. Summary: Russia has never accepted Ukraine's independence, and now the Patriotiy--Putin, his elder statesmen, and seasoned generals dedicated to rebuilding their fallen empire--are using the KGB's controversial elite and clandestine forces of Department S to destabilize the young democratic nation and bring it back under Russian control.

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United States. Central Intelligence Agency — Fiction. Great Britain. MI6 — Fiction. Espionage, American — Ukraine — Fiction.

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Espionage, British — Ukraine — Fiction. Espionage, Russian — Ukraine — Fiction.

Dryden opens with the early years of The Blind Spy. His story is interesting and sad in equal measure. And it had me hooked right from the beginning.


Russia is described in joyless terms drained of colour and bereft of joy. We then fast forward to and Dryden gives us a bit of potted history as far as Russia is concerned. I think most of us are aware of the key issues. One word - Afghanistan. But this is three decades ago when Russia took that country on. And now that Ukraine has broken away from mother Russia as well, it all adds to the general woes.

Putin's secret services rear their secretive heads throughout this fast-paced novel.

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One mission seems to stand out amongst others - bringing Ukraine - which dared to show an independent streak - back into the loving arms of Russia. Tough call. Everyone around the table knows this will be extremely difficult. But elections in Ukraine are looming.

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A window of political opportunity not to be missed. I thought to myself that this novel is shaping up nicely - and I'm still on Chapter One. One of the central characters, Anna shows many admirable qualities. She would be an asset to many countries. But does she show loyalty to any one country? We are all aware of spies and counter-spies. And throughout Anna is a thoroughly engaging character - through her actions, her thought process, her childhood etc. We come to see that she has given up a lot in her life - but for what, exactly?

The wealth and exotic lifestyles of the chosen ones, the agents, is at times, mind-boggling especially when activity is in the poorer parts of Russia.

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The unquestioning loyalty of some is impressive - or stupid? Imagine being instructed to do something dangerous - without knowing why or to whom. And there are always those whose arrogance goes before them.