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This is an innovative and illuminating introduction to Whitman and his work. No other living scholar is better equipped than David S. Reynolds to illuminate this rich web of connections. In this book, Reynolds takes the reader on a lightning tour of Whitman's world, from grand opera, phrenology, and political oratory to Bowery Boy fashions and the free love movement. Betrokkenen Auteur David S. Reynolds Uitgever Oxford University Press.

Walt Whitman's Workshop: A Collection of Unpublished Manuscripts

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Reynolds Walt Whitmans America 20, Jason Stacy Walt Whitman's Multitudes 70, Betsy Erkkila Whitman the Political Poet 71, Roy Morris The Better Angel 22, Bekijk de hele lijst. Vaak samen gekocht.


Jerome Loving Walt Whitman 45, Eric Homberger. END H. Correspondence Walkiewicz and HughWitemeyer. Demetres Tryphonopoulos andStephen J. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, David M. New York: W. Norton, EPM [T. New York: Farrar Strauss Giroux, Richard Sieburth. NewYork: Library of America, EPS Ezra Pound.

Ezra Pound Speaking. Leonard W.

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Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, OmarPound and Robert Spoo. New York: Oxford University Press, Maria Luisa Ardizzone. Durham: DukeUniversity Press, Brita Lindberg-Seyersted. Mondolfo andM. Forrest Read. Timothy Materer. Chicago: Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Hugh Kenner. London: Faber and Faber, Barry Ahearn. Includes E.

Walt Whitman: Home

An Interview, originally in Paris Review 28 People quite often think me crazy when I make a jump instead of a step,just as if all jumps were unsound and never carried one anywhere. Ezra Pound loved to jump, from idea to idea, from culture to culture, from lyricto epic. Whether on the tennis court or in the salon, he remained energized byideas and action.

He was also outspoken and insistent: I have never knownanyone worth a damn who wasnt irascible, Pound told Margaret Andersonin and he fulfilled this dicta completely SL His agenda as a poet,translator, editor, anthologist, letter-writer, essayist and provocateur was clear,his plan precise: Man reading shd. The book shd. Vague words are an anathema, thehard, clear statement the goal. And he does not hesitate to instruct: Againstthe metric pattern, he tells the poet Mary Barnard, struggle toward naturalspeech.

You havent yet got sense of quantity SL The best mecha-nism for breaking up the stiffness and literary idiom is a different meter, thegod damn iambic magnetizes certain verbal sequences SL These statements against complacency and convention reveal the man asmuch as they do his literary practice.

Everything about Pound was unorthodox. Born in the western town of Hailey, Idaho, on 30 October his father,Homer Pound, worked as registrar for the US Federal Land Office, recordingclaims and assaying the silver and lead brought to him for its purity Poundbecame part of a family with broad American roots. With his wife Isabels happy approval she hated life in the ruggedWest they left in , first for New York and then, after securing a job at theUS Mint in Philadelphia in , Pennsylvania.

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After a series of homes, they settled in the suburb of Wyncote, the numerousmoves adding, perhaps, to the young Pounds sense of restlessness. Published on Dec View Download 0. Cambridge Introductions to Literature This series is designed to introduce students to key topics and authors. Yeats M.

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  • Cambridge Introduction to Walt Whitman, The. Cambridge Introductions to Literature.
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Ezra Pound and Marcella Spann. Michael John King. New York: Penguin, Harriet Zinnes. New York:New Directions, London: Stanley Nott, New York: New Directions, Berkeley: University of CaliforniaPress,