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RenderMan Shading Language

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Anderen bekeken ook. Anthony A. Apodaca Advanced RenderMan 61, Christopher M. Bishop Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 74, Eric Freeman Head first Design Patterns 57, Nicole Forsgren Phd Accelerate 18, Robert C. Martin Clean Architecture 34, Eric Evans Domain-Driven Design 66, Part 1? RSL Fundamentals Chapter? RSL Details Chapter? Basics of Shader Writing Part 2?

Offline rendering

Shader Development Chapter? Setting Up a Developing Environment Chapter?

Renderman OSL shader

Fundamental Math for Shader Writers Chapter? Basic Programming Concepts. Shader Design Methodology Part 3? Good Shading Practices Chapter? Commenting your shaders. Chapter - Shading Etiquette Part 4? Basic Shading Chapter? Surface Shaders Chapter? Displacement Shaders Chapter? Light Shaders Chapter?

The RenderMan Shading Language Guide - Rudy Cortes, Saty Raghavachary - Google книги

Volume Shaders Chapter? Imager Shaders Part 5? Intermediate Shading Chapter? Procedural Patterns Chapter? Texture Mapping Chapter? Raytracing in RSL Part 6? Advanced Shading Chapter? Advance Shading Techniques Chapter? Global Illumination Techniques Chapter? A Collection of Shader Recipes Chapter? Shader Recipes.

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