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It made it easier for the readers to recollect the name as well as relate to it.

Classic detective fiction and impossible crimes

Both these ideas worked very well to make their character, Ellery Queen Detective, a popular hero amongst the readers. Another unique strategy adopted by the authors was to put a box with a challenge to the reader at the appropriate place in the book. The challenge was obviously customized for every book but in essence it assured the reader that all clues and information needed to solve the mystery are already laid out by that time and a challenge was thrown at the reader to see if they could solve the mystery.

This simple but brilliant idea by the authors, and most of the readers actually paused to think, evaluate the clues in their minds and solve the mystery, before they proceeded to read the climax to check if they could correctly solve the mystery.

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This strategy gave an interactive feel to the books and contributed to the overall success of the Ellery Queen Detective series. Ellery Queen Detective was an immensely popular fictional character, especially in the s and s. The character itself was gradually evolved and even altered during the course of 42 years of its literary existence. The initial Ellery Queen Detective books portray him as a Harvard-educated snob wearing prince-nez and solving cases for his own curiosity and creative satisfaction.

In the next phase, from onwards in the novels- The Four of Hearts and The Origin of Evil, Ellery works as a Hollywood screenwriter, during which he solves cases in a Hollywood setting. In this period, he is slick, suave and debonair, very much a part of the Hollywood crowd and very comfortable in his skin while intermingling with the rich and famous. From , in Calamity Town and its two sequels as well as some short stories, all set in Wrightsville, an imaginary town, you see a very different Ellery Queen Detective.

He sheds his cynicism and becomes more of a sentimental person.

The Roman Hat Mystery by Ellery Queen

He becomes so emotionally attached to the various people involved in the cases that at one point he even quits his profession as a sleuth! However, after these sojourns in Hollywood and Wrightsville, he is transported back to the place he originally hails from — New York City. People often joked that there are two different Ellerys, probably two brothers! The TV adaptation of Ellery Queen Detective series which aired on NBC during television season of also riveted the views and went on to become immensely popular.

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Most of these adaptations were scripted by Frederic Dannay and Manford Lee themselves. Add to Wish List failed. Remove from wishlist failed. Adding to library failed. Please try again.

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Robert Goldsborough. Rex Stout.

Martin Edwards. Stuart Palmer. Leslie Charteris. But Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee didn't stop here. As they continued the Ellery Queen series, they contributed so much to the genre that it simply boggles the mind. Among their accomplishments are the following:. You owe it to yourself to sample this remarkable series. In the late s, Lee suffered a series of heart attacks. Other writers were hired uncredited to flesh out Frederic Dannay's outlines into new EQ novels.

These include the following:. Not to everyone's taste, but historically important. And I, personally, love them! Orson Welles made a film of Ten Days' Wonder -- but he used the story itself while leaving Ellery Queen out of his version.

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  • Tim Corrigan books were all apparently ghostwritten under the Ellery Queen name. These were also apparently ghostwritten under the Ellery Queen name. All of the following were likely farmed out to be ghostwritten. The adventures of veteran stage actor Drury Lane are recorded in the following novels:. The superb television series is faithful to the spirit of the actual stories.

    Every episode includes a "Challenge to the Reader," where Ellery "breaks through the fourth wall" to challenge the viewer. This is a link through which I make a small commission if you buy.