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The Uncoupling

Cell Metab. Bukowiecki, L. Brown adipose tissue hyperplasia: a fundamental mechanism of adaptation to cold and hyperphagia. Cadenas, S. Cannon, B. Brown adipose tissue: function and physiological significance. Browning of white adipose cells by intermediate metabolites: an adaptive mechanism to alleviate redox pressure. Diabetes 63, — Choi, C.

Overexpression of uncoupling protein 3 in skeletal muscle protects against fat-induced insulin resistance. Cioffi, F.

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Uncoupling proteins: a complex journey to function discovery. Biofactors 35, — Costford, S. Long-term high-fat feedinginduces greater fat storage in mice lacking UCP3. Effects of the presence, absence, and overexpression of uncoupling protein-3 on adiposity and fuel metabolism in congenic mice.

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Association of the UCP polymorphisms with susceptibility to obesity: case-control study and meta-analysis. Divakaruni, A. The regulation and physiology of mitochondrial proton-leak. Physiology 26, — Enerback, S. Mice lacking mitochondrial uncoupling protein are cold-sensitive but not obese. Nature , 90— Feldmann, H. UCP1 Ablation induces obesity and abolishes diet-induced thermogenesis in mice exempt from thermal stress by living at thermoneutrality.

Fink, B. Mitochondrial proton-leak in obesity resistant and obesity-prone mice. Goglia, F. A function for novel uncoupling proteins: antioxidant defense of mitochondrial matrix by translocating fatty acid peroxides from the inner to the outer membrane leaflet. Golozoubova, V. UCP1 is essential for adaptive adrenergic nonshivering thermogenesis. Gong, D. Lack of obesity and normal response to fasting and thyroid hormone in mice lacking uncouplingprotein Goodpaster, B.

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Skeletal muscle lipid content and insulin resistance: evidence for a paradox in endurance-trained athletes. Harms, M. Brown and beige fat: development, function and therapeutic potential. Harper, M. The efficiency of cellular energy transduction and its implications for obesity. Herrmann, S. Uncoupling protein 1 and 3 polymorphisms are associated with waist-to-hip ratio.

Jia, J. The polymorphisms of UCP1 genes associated with fat metabolism, obesity and diabetes. Keipert, S. Skeletal muscle uncoupling-induced longevity in mice is linked to increased substrate metabolism and induction of the endogenous antioxidant defense system. Klaus, S. Augmenting energy expenditure by mitochondrial uncoupling: a role of AMP-activated protein kinase. Genes Nutr. Klingenberg, M. Uncoupling proteins: the issues from a biochemist point of view.

Korshunov, S. High protonic potential actuates a mechanism of production of reactive oxygen species in mitochondria. Krauss, S. The mitochondrial uncoupling-protein homologues. Cell Biol. Lapice, E. The energy intake modulates the association of the CT polymorphism of UCP3 with body weight in type 2 diabetic patients. Liu, Y. Linkage and association analyses of the UCP3 gene with obesity phenotypes in Caucasian families. Genomics 22, — Lombardi, A. UCP3 Translocates lipid hydroperoxide and mediates lipid hydroperoxide-dependent mitochondrial uncoupling.

Interrelated influence of superoxides and free fatty acids over mitochondrial uncoupling in skeletal muscle. Acta , — Mailloux, R. Meirhaeghe, A.

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An uncoupling protein 3 gene polymorphism associated with a lower risk of developing Type II diabetes and with atherogenic lipid profile in a French cohort. Diabetologia 43, — Mensink, M. Email Address. A risky strategy pays off for a smart author whose work both amuses and hits home. Review Posted Online: Dec. Kirkus Reviews Issue: Jan. Email address:. Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All.

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