Guide You Look Like That Girl: A Child Actor Stops Pretending and Finally Grows Up

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As is so often the case in teen movies, the film's climax arrives with a huge romantic gesture by Simon, asking Blue on a public message board to meet him on the local ferris wheel and come out once and for all. Naturally, half the school gathers to see if Blue will show, and just when Simon and all his friends think Blue has stood him up, Bram suddenly appears and jumps into Simon's carriage.

They kiss. Their friends and classmates cheer. And a quiet but powerful landmark in Hollywood history — the first same-sex teen romance released by a major studio — reaches its happy ending. The scene also became a landmark moment for Lonsdale. Since he was 13, he's known he was attracted to women and men. He'd come out privately to Greg Berlanti , the film's openly gay director — as well as the executive producer of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

But as he sat up in that ferris wheel shooting a swoon-y moment of same-sex romance, it hit the thenyear-old that he still hadn't come out to any of the actors surrounding him in the scene. And here I am, still afraid. I'm still not comfortable enough. At the wrap party for Love, Simon , Lonsdale finally came out to his fellow actors.

And a few weeks later, he came out to the world. In , an LGBTQ actor declaring their sexuality publicly isn't the monumental event it was 10 years ago, or even five years ago.

Still, the fraught and painful path Lonsdale took to get to that moment makes plain how profoundly meaningful this sweet, uncomplicated coming-of-age movie could be for its audience — and was for one actor in particular. Love, Simon isn't the first time Lonsdale has played a gay character. Raised in Australia, he got his first major break as an actor on the local TV series Dance Academy , as Ollie, a cocksure young dancer and one half of a beloved same-sex couple.

Lonsdale, however, was nothing like him. For years, Lonsdale had come to believe that his own attraction to men as well as women set him precariously apart. It made me truly believe that it was wrong to be this way. It wasn't even that Lonsdale recalled hearing anyone explicitly tell him he shouldn't be attracted to men. It was more just a conviction that he'd absorbed from the world around him.

This is how it is. I didn't even think, Oh, I could change that. He just couldn't see himself doing it. With his ambitions to become a successful actor and musician looming in mind, Lonsdale said that at 13 years old, he made a pact with himself.

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He chose the latter. Dabney gave them. The letter says that a large amount of money is buried in Mrs. Dabney's backyard. Mischievous as they are, they start digging the exact location to find the money. In the end, Gabe and PJ realize they were part of Mrs. Dabney's evil scheme to get a hot tub, so they pay her back with putting Green dye in her hot tub. Special guest star : Shirley Jones as Linda.

Dabney, Hong Chau as Theresa. The family decides to take a vacation to Dead Man's Lake. As soon as they arrive, they become convinced that the house they are staying in is actually haunted.

A child actor stops pretending and finally grows up

Meanwhile, Teddy pretends to be sick in order not to go on the vacation and she and Ivy with the help of fellow student, Victor throw a house party while the rest of the family is gone. Dabney blows their cover so they make a deal; Amy and Bob eventually find out. Harry, Ivy's father, is depressed about winning a lousy plumbing award and Teddy convinces him to keep pursuing his life-long dreams. Taking Teddy's advice, Harry opens a weather themed restaurant. Teddy and Ivy get jobs as waitresses, but they find out they have to be part of the restaurant's weather show.

Teddy and Ivy do not like it, so they try to get fired. Meanwhile, Gabe begins to like a girl at school named Jade and tries to convince her that he has a soft side. Back at the park, PJ and Emmett decide to have a rematch of the baby race that they had in episode " Double Whammy " , but this time on tricycles. PJ announces that he is moving out and into an apartment with Emmett to be closer to college campus and also to start living on his own.

You Look Like That Girl (Audiobook) by Lisa Jakub |

Amy is heartbroken because PJ has grown-up so fast and is not ready for such a big change. Meanwhile, after having an awkward encounter with Lynn, Spencer's mother, Teddy believes that she does not like her, so Teddy decides to take her to her favorite restaurant in order for them to bond.

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Elsewhere, Gabe discovers that Bob is utterly afraid of carrying Toby up and down the staircase after he dropped Charlie years ago in the first episode, " Study Date ". Teddy gets inspired to sign up for volleyball after attending Spencer's volleyball game. During practice, Mr. Hammerstone gives her the nickname, T. Unfortunately, Teddy is overly nice and has difficulty relating to it. After having a dream that she is treated like a pushover due to her generosity, Teddy takes Hammer-stone's advice way too seriously and starts playing volleyball extremely aggressively.

During a game VS the boys team, she even breaks Spencer's nose and also of Mr. Meanwhile, Gabe tricks Amy into building his model rocket for his science class. Elsewhere, Bob finds solace at PJ's apartment since the Duncan household has recently been loud and annoying. When Amy's maternity leave is over, she returns to work at the hospital and, to her dismay, Karen is divorced and working as well.

Amy starts having hallucinations of Charlie and Toby since she misses them so much. Meanwhile, Teddy attends the annual Student U.

You Look Like That Girl: A Child Actor Stops Pretending and Finally Grows Up

Toby nearly causes Teddy and Victor to lose due to his frequent crying. Luckily, the sound of music soothes him, so Teddy and Victor sing their final presentation, which leads them to victory.

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  • In the end, Amy becomes a stay-at-home mom, and Bob child-proofs all the locks so Charlie will not leave again. Teddy's volleyball team is on a losing streak, so new team mom, Amy, invites them over for a team-bonding slumber party, including Kelsey and Vonnie, in the hopes that they will get along and work together to finally win a game. Meanwhile, Gabe starts dating Emma, and when Bob meets her father, Randy, he immediately becomes annoyed by him because he is way too clingy and has horrible manners.

    Elsewhere, PJ gets a job as a fragrance technician, and his new neighbor, Molly, mistakes him for a medical student, so PJ invites her over to make her even more impressed, but when Molly discovers the truth, she has been hiding something as well. She is, in fact, a clown much to PJ's dismay. It's Toby's first Halloween and Amy wants Bob to dress up. On Halloween day, Amy dresses up in a kangaroo costume, complete with a pouch for Toby and Charlie.

    On the other hand, Bob puts a cape on over his exterminator uniform and calls himself Captain Extermo. Amy believes his costume is lousy and not in the Halloween spirit. Plus, Teddy enjoys PJ's cooking, so she asks him to cook an authentic French meal in honor of her one-year anniversary since she got back together with Spencer.

    Teddy decides to have their date take place at PJ's apartment so Spencer will not suspect anything. Furthermore, Teddy becomes sad when she realizes Spencer does not remember how they met. But he makes it up to her by proving that he remembers for how long they had broken up. And they continue they're dinner, and ended it with a clown attack.

    Meanwhile, Gabe is deceived by Mrs. Dabney into attending a ceremony in honor of her charitable work. After Teddy and Spencer get into an argument, Spencer goes over to apologize, but, instead, ends up getting advice from Bob on how to handle a Duncan woman because, according to him, he is an "expert", unbeknownst that Amy is overhearing their conversation. Amy tells Teddy how to handle such situation, and Spencer apologizes later on. Meanwhile, Bob has been on Gabe's case lately, so in order to get out of yard work, he and his friend, Logan, spend the weekend at PJ's apartment.

    Plus, Amy is concerned that Charlie still does not get along with Toby, so she convinces Charlie that Toby can talk. When Charlie and Toby are alone, Amy uses a baby monitor and pretends to be Toby. When Amy asks Charlie if she loves Toby, she responds by saying "yes" and it warms Amy's heart. Just as Gabe is turning popular, Amy gets a part-time nursing job at his school. Gabe does not want Amy to ruin his biggest accomplishment, so they agree to pretend to not know each other; Amy uses her maiden name, Blankenhooper.

    Meanwhile, Teddy and Vonnie team-up to do a project, but the only reason Vonnie chose Teddy was to earn a good grade. When Teddy gets laryngitis , a clueless Vonnie is horrified because now she must do their project. Teddy is excited when the community theater doing a production her play, with Ivy as the director. Teddy wants Ivy to cast Charlie as the lead role, but first, she must audition. At the audition, Charlie refuses to say her line, but the next girl, Tammy, rocks her audition, and makes Teddy jealous, so she pushes Ivy to cast Charlie as the princess, hoping that she will say her line.